Halo Cloud Over Moscow Pictures

Morning Glory Clouds OverNoctilucent clouds over Mt.of Moscow, and a haloMig 29 Flight over Moscow inof Huge Clouds Over EarthMystery UFO halo over Moscowover the Czech Republic.WASHINGTON - Severe weatherDebris Cloud Over Canada


Halo Cloud Over Moscow Wasn't A UFO So Please Remain Calm

I'll admit this halo cloud over Moscow city looks great and that we definitely should appreciate mother nature, and stop comparing it to Independence Day ...

“UFO halo” in the sky baffles Muscovites

Millions of residents in Moscow witnessed a strange bright ring-shaped cloud hanging over the city's western districts on Wednesday. ...

Luminous ring hovers above Moscow: Natural or supernatural?

“I never thought the apocalypse would begin in Moscow,” remarked one cheeky observer. Environmentalists have been quick to blame pollution for the cloud.


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